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Our Story

24 Years of parade history

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The Gulf Coast Veterans Parade shares a long, rich history with local residents and the business community.  

Learn more about our legacy by exploring the timeline below and a Special Tribute Section highlighted by the Hall of Fame history of Grand Marshals.


In 2020 we celebrated the military medical corps and first responders.  The focus was on the contributions made thru history in saving lives and serving all our veterans and active duty.  The Grand Marshal is AF Lt Col-Retired Dr. Inez Kelleher.  Dr. Kelleher is an orthopedic surgeon and has served on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1996. She is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, Gold Star family member and has deployed to Afghanistan and Diego Garcia in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 



In 2022 we celebrated the Anniversaries of both the US Air Force and Navy Seabees.  Unfortunately, on the eve of the parade, weather forecaster predicted 100% rain for the day across the county and changes of lightning and thunderstorms.  To ensure the safety of the public, and the over 1000 participants, the parade was cancelled.

AF Col-Ret John "Hoss" Ladner and Navy Chief Chrisopher Levesque were Co-Grand Marchals. 

John "Hoss" Ladner is a master navigator with more than 4000 flight hours in seven different aircraft, primarily B-52 and B1 Bomber.  He has over 700 combat hours and 178 combat missions in Desert Storm. 

Christopher R. Levesque is FORCM at the Seabee Navy Construction Group.  His deployments include Rota, Spain; Ramadi, Iraq, Djibouti, and Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan.


As a result of the 2022 cancellation of the parade, AF Col Ret "Hoss" Ladner was honored to be able to participate in this years parade as Grand Marshal.  Unfortunately, Force Master Chief Levesque had other long planned personal family obligation 

A Tribute

We honor and remember those

who have given selflessly with exceptional

service to our organization. 

Tribute Section
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