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Hall of Fame

Grand Marshal History


2000   Major General James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret) – Gulfport


2001   Lieutenant General Bryan M. Shotts, USAF (Ret) - Gulfport


2002   Major General Clark Griffith, USAF (Ret) – Biloxi


2003   Jeremiah “Jerry” O’Keefe, Sr. USA (Ret) – Biloxi


2004   Colonel Lawrence “Larry” Roberts, USAF (Ret) – Gulfport


2005   Hurricane Katrina – no parade – scheduled for Biloxi


2006   Major General Harold A Cross, ARNG (Ret) – Biloxi


2007   Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lewis Shank – USA (Ret) Gulfport


2008   Command Sergeant Major Ed Horstman, USA (Ret) – Biloxi

2009   Command Sergeant Major Adelchi Pilutti, USA (Ret) – Gulfport


2010   Fred Wallace Haise, Jr., Astronaut (Ret) – Biloxi


2011   Lieutenant Albert “Al” Balius, USA (Ret) – D’Iberville


2012   Colonel Henry J. Cook, III, USA (Ret) – Gulfport


2013   Colonel Phyllis A. Luttman, USAF (Ret) – Biloxi


2014   GMC Cliff Kuykendall (USN) (Ret) – Biloxi


2015   Major General  Augustus “Leon” Collins – Gulfport

2016   Chief Warrant Officer 4 Tom Adams (Ret) and                                    Lieutenant Colonel Henry Burkle (Ret)- D'Iberville

2017   Command Master Chief Dick Wade  - Biloxi

2018   Sgt. Thomas E (Butch) Harris - Gulfport

2019   Gene Taylor - D'Iberville

2020   Maj Gen James Garner - AFRH & VA - Roll Thru & Wave Tour

2021   Dr. (Lt Col-Ret) Inez Kelleher


2022  (WX Canceled) AF Col-Ret John "Hoss" Ladner and 

            Navy Force Master Chief Chris Levesque

2023   AF Col-Ret John " Hoss" Ladner


We honor those we have lost and are eternally grateful for their service.

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